Link Technologies

Joint-Stock Company «Link Technologies» is a Belarusian company offering its production and services in the field of information technology (IT) to the enterprises of various scale.
Founded in 1994, the company has achieved considerable results and firmly holds its leading place in the domestic market in a segment of computer technologies.
Qualified team of professionals, our honored partners and clients are the key components of success of the company.

We have to our credit today:

• manufacture of personal computers and servers certificated ISO 9001 National Standard;
• designing and building of data transmission networks;
• organization of data-processing centers;
• sale and service of uninterruptible power supply systems;
• sale of laptops, computers and graphic stations;
• sale of servers and data storage systems;
• sale of data transmission network equipment;
• sale of monitors, printers, scanners;

The authority and support of our partners which are the world recognized IT leaders give us confidence that we are able to meet any of our clients challenges and mutually reach the goals once assigned.

We consider our clients not only as our commercial benefit but also as a huge potential in building of economically stable and independent Belarus. Everyone is welcome to our win-win relationship and more power to you through the advanced information technologies.